Thursday, February 23, 2017

Harkness Discussion #2: Middle Ages: 7 to 11

Hello all you opium poppies, yes we went there.

Welcome to our Second Harkness discussion!! WOW!!! And if you’re sitting here like
“Ummmmm… what the eejit is a Harkness discussion??!”, it is explained in our first Harkness discussion, and I would highly recommend checking that out before this one.

Since our last Harkness discussion, we have continued reading from page 52 to 145. And *breathe in* boooi has it been a blast!
*!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!* if you haven't read the book “ The House Of The Scorpion”. STOP, DROP, AND ROLL TO YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE! (maybe don't roll all the way, you may get some looks that aren't positive) Seriously, it’s amazing!!

Nonetheless, enjoy this Harkness discussion!

Below are our recording and a reflection for this discussion. Hope you enjoy listening :)

During this discussion, when quieter people were going to talk, we made sure to wait until they were done talking and didn’t interrupt them. This allowed those people to share their ideas.
To support the louder (*cough* Lucas B *cough* ) people in the group, we made sure to listen to what they were saying, and reply if we had ideas. This allowed us to be sure everyone was included in the conversation and was able to have a satisfying reaction from the others.
The timestamp that we found was most intriguing and engaging was from 6:08- 7:08 minutes.
This seemed most appropriate because we were discussing the origins of Mexico and how they made a toll on this amazing story. Shorty after, we began to discuss theories and ideas with evidence, on why the clone is there in the first place, and who El Patron really is. This was a juicy part of the discussion because everyone had something to share about it, even if it was just their opinions.

Our goal for the next Harkness discussion is to is to talk clearer. A lot of people were too quiet, some were too loud, and some people were just plain-old-hard-to-understand. We should also stop and ask the quieter people next time if they have anything to say about it, so people like the cartographer can share if they haven’t yet.

I hope you enjoyed episode 2 of our ongoing Harkness discussions, and tune in for episode 3 :)

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