Thursday, March 2, 2017

Harkness Discussion #3.5: Old Age: 12 to 14

Hello all you eejit flower girls and soon-to-be fertilizers,

Welcome to harkness discussion number 4. Yes, we skipped one. Jk we just did a practice one and our teacher said that counted. If you STILL don’t know what a Harkness discussion is, PLEASE go look at our first Harkness discussion post, near the bottom.

Nonetheless, welcome to Harkness discussion #3.5. We barely got through one question, throughout the whole time period (both of the moderators are supposed to bring 5). It was pretty noice.

So, our discussion was very diverse, and pretty much everyone was saying stuff. But sometimes we stopped to ask the people who hadn’t said as much as us so far if they had anything to say about the topic. But overall, I don’t really think anyone didn’t say anything. We basically all were the more talkative people in the group, so we didn't really notice who said the most until we looked at the map at the end. But the more talkative people pretty much spoke their mind, and we all listened to each other, (and by that we mean never stop talking and talking over each other). We all like to interrupt each other too, because that’s very kind. Nothin’ new.
Our best moment in the discussion was probably from 3:03-7:00 (pretty much the entire thing was great though) because we brought up the fact that it was cruel for Matt so be smart, and aware of his inevitable death, or for him to be damaged in the brain, and not have the opportunity to really live. We also brought up Maria, and Maria’s mom and how that may play out in the rest of the book, as well as memories, and hints of his purpose.
Our main goal for next harkness discussion is to be more inclusive of everyone because we kind of got carried away and just kept on talking over the other group members. Fun stuff.

Thank your for your time, and stay tuned for the next episode :)

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