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Characterization: Tam Lin

Hello, bodyguards and skorpeeuns.

For the past few weeks, we have been investigating the book “The House Of The Scorpion” (which you probably already knew from previous posts). This time around, we had the challenge to create an Instagram account for a character from the novel. Of course, we picked Tam Lin. Waddup title reference because he can't spell and is a bodyguard!

We’re very involved in the technologies of the modern day, to the point some would even call us “screenagers” (best movie of all time I think it should get every oscar that is ever given out #notspons)! Sooooooo this was our time to shine!
You best prepare yourself for the feuds (what a funny sounding word), the comments, the posts, and the cursed direct messages. DUN DUN DUUUUN.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful examples of our interactions between the other characters and make sure to stay tuned for more :)

First of all, we found that something that definitely represents Tam Lin's effect on others is his humor. He likes to make jokes about things like Maria’s dog, which Matt agrees with. Sharing common interests with Matt makes him feel better about himself being a clone, so Tam Lin does his best to tell him everything. Though Tam Lin also does say some very intelligent things, which allow Matt to re-think his situation, such as on page 138.

“Any rat in a sewer can lie,” Tam Lin had said. ”It’s how rats are… But a human doesn’t run and hide in dark places, because he’s something more.” (p. 138)

Tam lin and Matt are bros for life, as you can see. This post represents that Tam Lin is a very dynamic character, and has grown to like Matt. He enjoys Matt’s company quite a bit despite him being an AWFUL CLONE!!!! (just kidding he’s great) But near the beginning of the novel when he didn’t know Matt very well, as shown on page 67, he wasn’t as caring for the young ‘laddie’.

Tam Lin’s original display towards Matt:
“Matt sat on the floor with tears pouring down his face. He made snuffling noises like a pig and hated himself for doing it, but he couldn’t stop. Celia would have comforted him if she’d been there. Tam Lin only shrugged and went back to his sports newspaper.” (p. 67)

Some of Tam Lin’s new kindness:
“”Tell you what, laddie. We’ve got something to celebrate. Let’s go on a picnic.”
“A picnic?” Echoed Matt, trying to remember the meaning of the word.
“I’ll explain it to you on the way,” said Tam Lin." (p. 74)

These two photos show some of the captions to our posts on Instagram. Though Tam Lin is a very experienced person and has a rather large vocabulary, his writing is definitely NOT one of his strengths. He does, though, have very intelligent speech. These captions represent how he isn’t very educated in reading and writing, but he can still represent what he is thinking, as stated on page 149.

“I was a proper fool. Turned my back on my family, ran with a rough crowd, and did the thing that brought me here.” page 138

“Deer Matt, I'm a lousy writer so this won't be long. El Patron says I have to go with him. I cant do anything about it. I put supplise in this chest plus books. Yu never know when yu might need things. Yor frend Tam Lin.”
(p. 149)

Now, another aspect of Tam Lin is his actions. He has many hobbies, like when he is bored, he lifts weights. This example represents how Tam Lin does a lot of different things, obviously including lifting weights. He hikes, he guards El Patron, he teaches Matt about nature, he goes on picnics with Matt, etc. He helps Matt with things, unlike other people. His actions define most of who Tam Lin is as a character.

“They came to a giant boulder that seemed to block the trail until Matt saw a round hole in the middle. It was worn smooth like the hole in a donut. Tam Lin climbed through and reached back to help Matt.” (p. 79)

We posted this picture to show what he liked to do but didn’t show his face because we think that since he is a bodyguard, he wants to be slightly secretive about his identity. This photo doesn’t completely show his looks, but the quoted evidence shown below from page 63 may clear up some of your thoughts on him!

“They were thick-necked and brutal, with flattened noses and scars wandering across their arms and faces. They both had curling, brown hair that grew low upon their foreheads, ruddy faces, and bright blue eyes.” (p. 63)

“That one’s Daft Donald–he likes to juggle bowling balls. Tam Lin is the one with the interesting ears.” said El Patron. (p. 63)

“Tam Lin’s ears appeared to be chewed, they were so misshapen.” (also p. 63)

Here is some mad beef between Felicia and Tam Lin!

This shows that Tam Tin; although he seems very quiet and reserved, and won't start conversations out of nowhere. He does have his defensive side. I mean, he is a bodyguard so that's kind of his job. But still, he is quite the stranger to people like Felicia, despite having lived in the big house for around 7 and a half years.

He certainly has his opinions on others, though.

“I’ll tell you this, El Patron has his good side and his bad side, very dark indeed is his majesty when he wants to be, when he was young he made a choice, like a tree does when it decides to grow one way or another, he grew large and green, until he shadowed over the whole forest, but most of his branches are twisted.” (p.70)

This is what our temporary Instagram page looks like! The bio we created for him shows his name, and a phrase that says: “i reely luv mowntins”. This was our kind of joke to show what he would say, as he is not an educated writer or reader really. So basically, every photo, comment, and dm was made to represent Tam Lin as a character! If you ask me, I think it really shows who he is as far as the pages of this novel have told us. (Also, we definitely killed that unplanned theme.

So that's our Instagram fun! I hope you enjoyed looking at it. AND, make sure you stay tuned for more in the near future!!!
–Operation Scorpio

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