Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Power is a Plentiful Thing

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! *drumroll pleeeeeeease*…….


Can you guess what our theme is?........ 
Wrong! Guess again!

Our theme is “Power can be poison”, because, throughout this book, Matt, Tam Lin, El Patron, the keepers, and pretty much every single other character struggles with the fight for power. 

“When you’re small, you can choose which way you grow. If you’re kind and decent, you grow into a kind and decent man. If you’re like El Patron… just think about it.” (p.70)

This is a quote stated by the one and only Tam Lin. You will be missed :'(. When Tam Lin talks to Matt about growing up, he mentions how you have a choice of how you want to grow. He mentions that El Patron chose to tower high over the forest, though most of his branches are twisted.

So we thought we could take this literally. We made a forest of trees, but one tree was corrupt. His branches were all twisted, he towered over the other trees, he had no leaves. This tree is the one and only El Patron. He is dead, covered in black (which we chose to symbolize power and greed). Below the tree of El Patron is black paint, seeping into the ground to symbolize El Patron spreading all of his corruption. Other trees were mildly corrupt, some more than others. For example, Tom and Celia. Celia is pure and an innocent green, but Tom is dark and greedy for power. So, that's about it.

As you can tell, our trees are not any trees... They are truffula trees!! (Just kidding, but we noticed the resemblance.)

Thank you for reading yet another one of our blog posts on The House of the Scorpion, and we hope you stay tuned for more!


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  1. This is a great representation of the evil El Patron! I like how you have showed different levels of corruption through the use of different colour shades. Good work!